AbsolventKongress in köln

Hey Guys,

On 26 and 27 November absolventkongress is hosting huge job fair. If you are looking for Full time or Master Thesis or Internship, this is the best messe(fair) to visit.

Absolventkongress? What is it?

The Absolventenkongress is the biggest job fair in Germany.
Never been to a job fair? Then it’s time. The Absolventenkongress is the largest job fair in Germany for students, graduates and young professionals and is organized several times a year by Staufenbiel Institute. At various locations across distributed in Germany wait hundreds of top companies forward to getting to know you and to offer you a job. Take your chance and visit Germany’s largest job fair, the Absolventenkongress in Cologne, Essen, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt a. M. and Munich!

What  Absolventenkongress offers you?

Lots of companies offer a lot of jobs for lots of entry types: Internship, student job, direct entry, trainee program and much more. – All of it! Your advantage? You learn contact your dream employer and know directly in a personal discussion at the job fair, can already score and also submit your application documents at best equal. It almost does not matter which field of study you have and what you are looking for entry-level – you will definitely find it.

That you is not enough? Around the job fair you experience expert panels and presentations all about Entry level and career. Free application photos, CV checks and career advice round off your all-inclusive package.

Some impressions from last year:

Entry is free for Universität Paderborn students. Please refer to Matthias Thorsden email on 20 November for free entry coupon.

All the Best! Viel Glück!

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Dropbox Campus Cup – Universität Paderborn

Hey Guys,

Dropbox Campus Cup allows students, faculty, and staff at eligible universities to earn Dropbox space. Participants can earn up to 25 GB per person for 2 years by rallying others at their school to join in. The more your school participates, the more space everyone earns.

The official Campus Cup challenge begins on September 17, 2015 and ends on December 14, 2015

More Details are here: Dropbox Campus Cup


Münster’s biggest carnival

The Send – Münster’s biggest carnival and the oldest annual fair in the Münsterland – attracts over a million visitors every year. happy-family200 Around 250 fairground operators from all over Germany come three times a year to present the latest sensations on the Schlossplatz. Showmen from all over Germany come in spring, summer and autumn to Münster to present Nostalgic and of course the latest sensations of rides .

  • Beautiful new tradition – The family day: not just for families. On Thursday, the end lures all day 14-22 clock with a discount of 30 percent for all travel and entertainment powertower200transactions. Sales transactions must reduce the price of a main item by 25 percent.
  • Beautiful old tradition: On Friday evening there is a big fireworks – in spring and in autumn it begins about 21 clock, at the summer end about 22.30 clock.

The 40,000 sqm fairground on the Palace Square is close to the city center in the “green” promenade in front of the beautiful backdrop of Münster castle located. At each end is about 210 Showmen here – with high-tech high rides for the adventurous, the classic rides like beachjumper200the Ferris wheel, bumper cars and carousels, amusement shops and haunted houses, nostalgic as well as ultra modern spectacle shops and dining establishments.Moreover, there is a pot market, on not only pots are offered!

Opening times:

  • Thursday, July 17 – Family Day all shops 14 clock to 23 clock
  • Friday and Saturday, July 18 and 19 retail and restaurant establishments 12 clock to 24 clock , rides 14 clock to 24 clock
  • Sunday, July 20th all shops 11 clock to 23 clock
  • Monday, July 21 retail and restaurant establishments 12 clock to 23 clock rides 14 clock to 23 clock

Watch the video of Last Year’s festival:

For more details visit: http://www.muenster.de/stadt/send/

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Biggest fun fair on the Rhine

11–20 July 2014

Dating back over 690 years and still going strong, Düsseldorf’s St. Sebastianus shooting club boasts more than 1,500 members. With the biggest fun fair on the Rhine the club will be celebrating the day of its patron saint, St. Apollinaris (23 July). As part of the event, the “Historic Procession” on 13 July is a spectacle to behold, as more than 3,000 uniformed shooters, marching bands, teams of horses and carriages wind their way through the streets in what is one of Germany’s largest parades.



This year, the popular fun fair will take place for the 113th time at its picturesque site on the Rhine meadows in Oberkassel. National and international operators of fairground attractions will be presenting both nostalgic and the latest sensational rides on grounds spanning 165,000 sq m.

Fun fair opening times:

Mon – Fri from 2.00 p.m.,

Sat from 1.00 p.m.,

Sun from 11.00 a.m.

Also, there will be fireworks on July 18 around 22:00 uhr on Düsseldorf bridge.




St. Sebastianus Veranstaltungs GmbH


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Munster Flohmarkt – Europe’s biggest flohmarkt


Munster Flohmarkt

A paradise for “hunters and gatherers”: Five times a year – every third Saturday in the month from May to September, from 8 o’clock in the morning till 4 o’clock in the afternoon – Europe’s biggest open air flea market offers the perfect opportunity for bargain hunting: From antiques, household goods and arts and crafts to books and toys, private and professional sellers offer everything the heart could desire.

Held outdoors, under the green trees of the Promenade, the flea market’s unique atmosphere makes browsing a fun experience for young and old alike. And to make sure body and soul stay firmly together, a wide variety of snack-bars and food stalls offer sustenance for every taste.

July holds a special highlight in store: the Summer Night Flea Market from 8 p.m. on Friday, 11 July to 2 p.m. on Saturday, 12 July: Moonlight shining on the Promenade’s trees, a balmy wind rustling through them, and a huge variety of things on offer – ingredients that make the hearts of nocturnal browsing and haggling fans beat faster.

Dates from May to September

  • Saturday, 17 May 2014
  • Saturday, 21 June 2014
  • Friday, 11 – Saturday, 12 July 2014 (Summer Night Flea Market)
  • Saturday, 16 August 2014
  • Saturday, 20 September 2014

Fort more information,



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AStA Summer Festival Tickets- Early Sale

Hey Guys,

From 7th April you can purchase discounted tickets for Summer Festival.

As every year students get a separate presale extra, in which you can purchase the discounted tickets in limited quantities.

WHEN? 7th – 17th April , Mon-Fri daily 11-14 clock
WHERE? In the entrance of the University of Paderborn between service center and cafeteria
HOW MANY? 2 x Early tickets ( each 14€ ), 3 x Studi tickets ( each 17€ ), 5 x pre-sale tickets       (each 19€ )

All students have the opportunity to purchase up to 10 tickets (2 Early tickets , 3 studies tickets and 5 – pre-sale ) upon presentation of a valid student ID-card. The number of available tickets is limited. You know the game with pre booking 🙂

After 17th April can you buy the tickets in the AStA office (ME U 210)  or via online from AStA- Summer Festival official website  but only while stocks last!

Limited Offer. Hurry Up!!!

For more details of bands that are participating in this event, refer here AStA-Paderborn Bands

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AStA Semesterstart

On Thursday, April 10, AStA invites all students and interested parties to an open-air event at the “Hain der Wissenschaft” (P9-Wiese), to celebrate the launch of new semester.

There will be cool competitions, where you can win guaranteed, many project areas and initiatives of the UPB will introduce themselves and for the physical well-being is of course taken care of.

In addition, AStA is organising a Flohmarkt(Registration by mail at kultur@asta.upb.de) and from 20:00 Uhr there is a free concert in Gownsmen‘s Pub!

So grab your picnic blanket, puts the sunglasses on and off here for the start of the semester student council!

You can join in this celebration event from this fb event.  AStA Semester launch celebration Event

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Sports in Paderborn

Hey Guys,

Today, I have found out a website where you can register for lot of sports. Through this you can register for one, two or more sports for minimal amount. There is rating for each programme as well.

Do check this out: http://www.sportnavi.de/

Similarly, you can participate in University sport programme as well. More details are here: https://paderindians.wordpress.com/recreation-sports/


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